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Network for Knowledge

An amazing medium for easy and interactive learning.

Learning is easy when it's self paced. Quizential gives you a complete control over what you learn and how. You choose the categories and the content you want to learn. You choose the time. Quizential is always with you on your mobile or desktop. Plus track your scores and monitor progress in real time.
A strong knowledge driven community enables interactive and efficient learning.

Share your knowledge, help and inspire others.

All of us have unique strengths and skills that others can learn from. The habit of sharing knowledge is infectious for those who stand apart, those who like giving and paying back to the society. Be the one who inspire others. Create content in the form of write ups, videos, podcasts, questions with solutions and share with others. People will follow you and benefit from your content. Your status builds with every bit.

Find friends with shared interests, collaborate in groups and grow your network.

Knowledge evolves when multiple minds come together and discuss. Learning becomes fun with interaction. Break away from the physical constraints and interact with people from different walks of life on Quizential. Connect with people who share similar interests with you and grow your network. Join groups or form your own groups. Collaborate with people to learn and innovate.

Win rewards, prizes and surprises.

With every action you perform, you earn points which in turn earn you badges and status. And Yes, there are surprises too.
Do you want to know what is in store for you?
It is easy - just learn more, score more, gain more and the surprises will unfold. And that happens sooner than you imagine.

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